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Position Your Brand Where New Assets Flow & Companies Grow

Your brand is by far your most valuable asset. In the minds of your clients it is the sum experience that distinguishes your business from your competition. If you want to grow, the best you can do is have a strategy and execution plan that connects to customers and positions your brand as a category leader.

Brand Strategy  Lead Generation  Sales Conversion

Just remember the ABC's of marketing

You struggle to carefully craft a clear marketing message, like a thousand times before. You know your marketing won’t work if your message is unclear.

So you keep trying because you see other companies doing it. It’s as if they have a secret formula that systematically draws people to their brand.

It's time you learn what every fast growing company knows 


It all starts with a focused strategy and a detailed execution plan

​For generations, talking about features and benefits worked, but not any more. To connect with people today, you need a different approach.

This is why we created a turnkey marketing platform with four distinct levels of service to help you apply the awesome power of storytelling to clarify your marketing and grow your business.


(Phase 1)

Clarify the confusion with a brand audit followed by a one-day strategy session and three 90 minute calls to create an overall marketing strategy, new tagline, brandscript, and a wire-framed home/landing page(s).

(Phase 2)

Apply a story-based framework to Phase 1 and create a lead magnet, email series, sales letter, funnel map, and much more, to connect 
with clients at every opportunity.

AMPLIFY(Phase 3)

Automate your marketing and amplify your brand by integrating a turnkey digital marketing platform to Phase 2, so your clear message reaches the people you seek to serve.

SATISFY(Phase 4)

What’s the point of delivering qualified leads to a sales desk that's not integrated?  During phase 4 we will set up your entire sales desk so you can satisfy every sales opportunity.

Here are some benefits: 

  • Articulate your unique value proposition and distinguish your brand from the competition

  • Make impactful changes to your website and brand collateral for a better client experience


  • Automate your marketing to systematically engage your clients and your community


  • Ongoing support to make sure your marketing is working

  • Energize your team with a unifying brand story that will increase sales

Is your marketing confusing & unclear?  

  • Was your last launch a dud?


  • Did you hear the lonely sound of crickets at your last webinar?

  • Does your marketing sound like every other asset manager or advisor in the world?

  • Has your growth  stalled?


  • Is your sales team winging it?


  • Does your website talk about your brand instead of  what your clients want?



Clarify Your Message

Increase Your Brand Value

Lower Your Marketing Costs

Now you can optimize your marketing costs and your brand value, in the same way you optimize the risk and return in your business.

Words are free. When you use the right words to clarify your marketing, your website will generate more leads, your emails will convert more prospects, and your clients will make more referrals. 

Unlock the hidden value in your brand

Your brand is by far your most valuable asset. It is the organizing expression of who you are, what you do, and why you do it.


In the mind of your clients it is their sum experience that distinguishes your business from your competition.


The job of your marketing is to make your brand matter so much to your clients that it becomes part of their brand’s identity (B2B) and a source of their own self-expression (B2C).


This relationship between your brand and your marketing is where you can maximize the equity in your business—both at an enterprise level and in the hearts and minds of your clients, constituents, and community.


When you story brand your marketing it becomes so clear that everything else aligns around your core value.


It’s at this moment that your marketing message becomes a powerful force that cuts through the noise and draws people into a story.


It’s like an epiphany.


Watch in amazement as your new clear marketing message energizes your team, inspires your clients, and transforms your business right before your eyes. BAM!


The result is your website will generate more leads, your emails will convert more prospects, and your clients will make more referrals.


This is the power of a clear marketing message and a compelling brand. It's your most useful sales tool, and your most valuable financial asset.


Marketing that Works for

Every Stage of Your Company’s Journey


Imagine marketing for every phase of your company's journey--fully operating and ready to turn over to your team within 90 days. Tap into your clients' experiences to clarify each campaign, from a new product launch, to sustained growth, M&A or succession.

Launch       Growth       M&A

Story-centered marketing that sells

every kind of financial product and service


  • Banking

  • Credit Unions

  • Asset Management

  • Broker Dealers

  • Hedge Funds

  • Life Insurance and annuities

  • Long Term Care

  • Recruiting

  • Custody and Clearing

  • Equity Investments

  • Fixed Income

  • Private Equity

  • Investment Advisors

  • Wealth Management

  • Mutual Funds and ETFs

  • Financial Technology

  • REITs

  • Alternative Investments


What Makes Northwest Branding Unique?



We build marketing that sell investments and grow companies.  Most asset managers, advisors and the businesses they serve, stop growing because their brand message is confusing and their marketing doesn't work. 


Jerry Murphey knows how hard it is to communicate complex investment ideas and has helped thousands of financial advisors and their clients to clarify their message.  When you clarify your message, your marketing will work and business will grow.  Continue Reading



Jerry Murphey, 

Creator of NW Branding 


Launched over 50 financial products, programs, platforms, and companies

Netting more than $7B

in sales



Led the training of over 150K financial professionals on 4 continents

3 Easy Steps to New Assets and Growth


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